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At QLD Dozer Hire, we’re all about helping out various sectors across Queensland with our bulk earthworks and wet plant hire services. With over 15 years of experience in civil and mining construction, our skilled operators and trusty dozer fleet can tackle projects of any size and complexity.

Whether it’s managing rural land or building massive mining infrastructure, we offer personalised solutions that guarantee efficiency, safety, and quality on every project. No matter the sector, we’ve got Queensland covered!

The sectors we support

Mining infrastructure

For over a decade, QLD Dozer Hire has been the go-to team in Queensland’s mining industry, working together with some of Australia’s top mining contracting companies. Our strong and collaborative relationships have established us as a reliable partner in the mining sector.

We’ve got the skills to boost operational efficiency and ensure safety and compliance in the mining industry. Our expertise covers all aspects of mine site construction services, making us one of Australia’s leading mining contractors. From the first exploration to ongoing site maintenance, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet the tough demands of the mining industry.

Mining isn’t just about extraction. It’s about building solid infrastructure, implementing efficient and sustainable processes, and managing bulk earth and overburden. At QLD Dozer Hire, we roll up our sleeves and get the job done right, every time.

We are 100% compliant with Civil (G22) and Mining sites in Australia, making us the ideal partner for companies with large projects.

Lay down pads

We plan and prepare areas for equipment storage and staging, making sure your mining operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Mining infrastructure exploration

Our earthmoving services support exploratory drilling and site preparation, paving the way for successful mining projects.

Tailing dams

We build and maintain tailing dams, handling mining byproducts safely and effectively to protect the environment and comply with regulations.


We help with extracting and processing materials, keeping haul roads in top shape, and managing excavation sites with our specialised quarry equipment.


With over a decade in civil construction, QLD Dozer Hire is a standout leader in the industry. We’re proud to be the only provider of 100% wet dozer hire services in the civil sector.

This means that we give our clients faster turnaround times, more reliable equipment, and a team that’s dedicated to delivering excellence on every project. This commitment has earned us the trust of industry professionals looking for unmatched quality and reliability.

Bulk earthworks

We handle large-scale excavation and material movement, laying the groundwork for any project to ensure timely completion and cost-effectiveness.

Final trim

Our operators make sure every grading and finishing task meets your exact specifications. Precision is key to setting the stage for seamless subsequent construction phases.

Shed & pad construction

From industrial sheds to equipment pads, we create customised foundations tailored to your project, ensuring durability and structural integrity.


Whether it’s residential or commercial, we prepare land for development. This includes road construction and utility installation to support efficient urban expansion.

Cut to fill

Our expertise in cut to fill operations ensures optimal site elevation and stability while minimising soil movement. This reduces environmental impact and costs.


With our versatile dozer fleet and scalable team of skilled operators, we tackle projects in rural settings, including land clearing and dam construction.

Whether you’re preparing land for farming or managing rural infrastructure, we’ve got your back with quality and efficiency.

Fire breaks

We create strategic barriers to prevent wildfires from spreading, protecting your property and land.

Dam construction

We build and maintain dams for effective water storage and irrigation, keeping your resources in check.

Repairs & maintenance

We make sure your rural infrastructure stays in top condition with regular maintenance.

Stick raking

We clear vegetation and debris to prepare land for farming or construction.

Land clearing

We remove trees and brush to make way for new developments or agricultural purposes.


We provide even and stable land surfaces for farming, construction, and other uses.

Pad construction

We create flat, stable bases for buildings, tanks, and other structures.


From wind farms to oil and gas facilities, our team has what it takes to help with various tasks, ensuring your projects are completed efficiently and reliably. Whether you’re into renewable energy or traditional energy production, QLD Dozer Hire is here to support your energy projects.

Our expertise in the energy sector helps drive the development and maintenance of crucial infrastructure projects.

Wind farms

We prepare sites for wind turbine installation, including road construction and land levelling, as part of wind farm construction.

Solar farms

We clear and level for solar panel installations and related infrastructure, using advanced solar farm equipment.

Lay down yards

We set up organised and accessible areas for material storage and equipment staging with our specialised dozer lay down techniques.

Waste facilities

We build and maintain waste management sites, including landfills and recycling centres.

Oil & gas

Navigating the complexities of the oil and gas sector requires expertise and reliability, and that’s exactly what QLD Dozer Hire brings to the table.

Our team is well-versed in the unique demands of the industry, ensuring your projects are executed with precision and care.

Pipeline construction

From site clearing to trenching and laying pipelines, we ensure the safe and efficient transport of resources.

Site preparation

Our team handles grading, levelling, and constructing access roads, setting the stage for smooth operations.

Facility maintenance

We provide ongoing maintenance services to keep your oil and gas facilities running safely and efficiently.

Equipment staging

We organise areas for material storage and equipment staging, ensuring all necessary tools and resources are easily accessible.

Environmental compliance

We ensure all activities adhere to environmental regulations, helping you minimise the impact on surrounding areas.

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