Earthworks Capabilities

At QLD Dozer Hire, we offer a range of specialised earthworks services to meet diverse project needs. 

Our capabilities include cut to fill, push/pull, stick rake, and fire breaks. Whether you’re preparing a site for construction, managing land, or mitigating fire hazards, our skilled operators and advanced dozer fleet are ready to tackle any challenge, including projects related to roads, rail, and ports.

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Our capabilities

We take pride in offering hassle-free and reliable services. Here’s how we deliver our shed and pad construction:

Cut to fill

Our cut to fill service involves excavating soil from one area (cut) and using it to fill another area, ensuring optimal site elevation and stability. This method is crucial for:

Stick rake

Our stick rake service is designed for clearing vegetation and debris, making it ideal for:

Fire breaks

Fire breaks are critical for protecting your property and natural resources from wildfires. Our fire break services include:

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